10 strokes

remainder, leftover, balance



Common words

  • 残念ざんねん
    regrettable, unfortunate, disappointing, vexing
  • 残りのこり
    remnant, residue, remaining, left-over
  • 残すのこす
    to leave (behind), to leave (undone), to not finish, to save, to set aside, to reserve, to leave (to someone, esp. after one's death), to bequeath, to stay (in the ring), to hold on
  • 残高ざんだか
    (bank) balance, remainder
  • 残業ざんぎょう
    overtime (work)
  • 残酷ざんこく
    cruel, brutal, ruthless, merciless, inhuman
  • 無残むざん
    cruel, merciless, atrocious, ruthless, cold-blooded, pitiful, tragic, horrible, miserable, breaking a religious precept without shame
  • 残虐ざんぎゃく
    cruel, brutal, savage, barbarous
  • 残るのこる
    to remain, to be left
  • 残らずのこらず
    all, entirely, completely, without exception
  • 名残なごり
    remains, traces, vestiges, relics, (the sorrow of) parting, end
  • 残暑ざんしょ
    late summer heat, lingering summer heat
  • 残忍ざんにん
    brutal, cruel, merciless, ruthless, cold-blooded
  • 生き残るいきのこる
    to survive