13 strokes

difference, differ



Common words

  • 違反いはん
    violation, offense, offence, breach, transgression, infringement, contravention
  • 違いちがい
    difference, distinction, discrepancy, mistake, error
  • 違憲いけん
  • 違法いほう
    illegal, illicit, unlawful
  • 間違いまちがい
    mistake, error, blunder, accident, mishap, trouble, improper conduct (e.g. between man and woman), indiscretion
  • 相違そうい
    difference, discrepancy, variation
  • 食い違いくいちがい
    difference, disagreement, conflict, clash, discrepancy, inconsistency
  • 見違えるみちがえる
    to hardly recognise, to mistake for something or someone else
  • 勘違いかんちがい
    misunderstanding, mistaken idea, wrong guess
  • 違うちがう
    to differ (from), to be different, to be distinct, to be unlike, to vary, to disagree (with), to be wrong, to be incorrect, to be mistaken, to become abnormal, to go wrong, isn't it?, wasn't it?
  • 行き違いいきちがい
    crossing without meeting (e.g. letters in the post, people on the road), going astray, difference of opinion, misunderstanding, estrangement, disagreement
  • 間違えるまちがえる
    to make a mistake (in), to commit an error (e.g. in calculation), to confuse, to mistake something for something else
  • 間違うまちがう
    to make a mistake, to be incorrect, to be mistaken
  • 食い違うくいちがう
    to not match well (e.g. at the seams), to not mesh properly (of gears), to differ (e.g. of opinions), to clash, to be in conflict (e.g. with the facts), to run counter (to), to be inconsistent (with), to be contradictory
  • 人違いひとちがい
    mistaking one person for another, (case of) mistaken identity