12 strokes

turn, number in a series



Common words

  • 番組ばんぐみ
    program (e.g. TV), programme
  • 一番いちばん
    number one, first, first place, best, most, game, round, bout, as a test, as an experiment, by way of experiment, by way of trial, tentatively, song (e.g. in noh), piece
  • 番号ばんごう
    number, series of digits
  • 本番ほんばん
    performance (as opposed to practice), going before an audience or on-air, take, game, match, high of the season, height (of summer, etc.), actual event (or celebration, etc.), real deal, penetrative vaginal sex (with a prostitute), unsimulated sex (in an adult movie), production environment
  • 順番じゅんばん
    turn (in line), order of things, sequential order
  • 留守番るすばん
    care-taking, house-sitting, house-watching, staying at home, caretaker, house-sitter
  • 交番こうばん
    police box, koban, small neighborhood police station, alternation, alternating (current, stress, etc.)
  • 当番とうばん
    being on duty, person on duty, one's turn
  • 輪番りんばん
    rotation (e.g. of a duty), taking turns
  • 番地ばんち
    house number, address
  • 番犬ばんけん